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There any many websites that claim to tell you that they can determine if the trade that you want to do is good or not. One of these sites is AdoptMeTradingValues. When opening this website it shows a pop-up similar to the one which shows up when you accept a trade request. You can add items to it like the real game, but when you choose a pet, it also allows you to specify if it's Fly, Ride, Neon, Mega Neon, or Full Grown depending on what you like. After you also choose what you would like to get for it, you can click on the W/F/L button, an acronym of the words 'Win, Fair and Lose', these being used by the Adopt Me fanbase to express their opinion on a trade. After you click on it, a pop-up clearly states what the trade's value may be.

Another section of this website is that you can see a list of the most valued items of each category. Called the 'Pet Value List', it's incorrect title states that the page only has pets, but it also has other categories as well. At the end of any list, you can view more detailed versions of the lists completed with names, their rarity, their origin, and if people select the 'Pets' option, the number of people stating it is their dream pet. The one with the highest number is the most dreamed pet by players.

Another section of this site is the 'KYV Game', meaning 'Know Your Values Game'. In this game, you are shown two items, and you have to choose which is the most worth of the two, or both if they are of the same value. Apart from just being an 'An Adopt Me Values Game', it serves the visitor no real purpose and instead it just keeps them longer on the site.

The last part of the website is the 'Tips' section, which provides information which a newbie in the game may not know at all, and at the end they advertise some sort of Adopt Me merchandise you can buy on Amazon.

Although many people say that this is a good site to help you with trades, there are also some questions raised about it. According to the website's 'About' page, the values of all items were determined by three long-time Adopt Me players. Though these three players have not ever revealed their usernames, it could just be anyone so it is not 100% correct. The website states that it is not ran by Roblox or Adopt Me/Dreamcraft employees so it is just a third-party website that does not have correct and verified data since it does not get data from the game itself.

Another website which gives values about Adopt Me items is Traderie, a website which specializes with trading on Roblox games and other platforms. The section of the site we will be talking about is the Adopt Me section. Here, unlike AdoptMeTradingValues where you can only know what an item is worth based on the trades of three supposed 'long-time' Adopt Me players, you can see what thousands of people will offer for an item. The downside of this website is that, there are fake offers which cannot be seperated from the real ones since they are virtually identical. Fortunately for the visitor most of the fake ones are pretty obvious since they are pretty good to be true.

There's nothing more to say about this site, but it is helpful for the average Adopt Me player to find the perfect deal. Though they should be careful for fake offers that can waste their time. Otherwise, the site is good and we reccomend it more than AdoptMeTradingValues.


Since both AdoptMeTradingValues and Traderie do not use any official data from the Adopt Me game or from any real trades, we can say that these websites most of the time have inaccurate data that will not help you at all. We have yet to see any official websites by the Adopt Me team that accurately give you the real values of any item. You should always note that an item is only worth what most people would give for it and that the value of it changes depending on newer items gradually being released.