Coin Collecting Simulator has launched

Justalb Corporation has launched their newest game, called Coin Collecting Simulator. Here is a tutorial and some features about this game below:

In this game a player collects coins and lootboxes from an area. There are 8 areas in the game: Wgeetee's Beach, Icy Regions, Cityville, Sam's Garden, Dark's Plant, Volcano Salado, Taco's Toy Blocks and The End, ranging from 500 to 1,000,000 coins.

To progress more into the game, the player needs to collect more coins and lootboxes in the area they're currently located at, which gives them the ability to purchase more areas.

The more coins and lootboxes the player gets, the more areas they can purchase, which helps them go further into the game. This also means that if the area that a player is located closer to the end they will get more coins.

If a player would want to see who has gotten the most coins in the game, they can do so by checking the game's leaderboard, which gets updated every minute. In this game a player will also have the possibility to purchase in-game abilities to help them get more coins and lootboxes.

In a statement released by Justalb Corporation's CEO, Justalb:

'We invision to make only the best games in the Roblox platform and Coin Collecting Simulator is no different. For the 2022 calendar year we have planned many different events in our games and much more.
Coin Collecting Simulator is part of the planifications that have been scheduled for next year so we hope that it will be a hit with children and teenagers as many of our other games are targeted at.'