Justalb: New 2021 corridor is coming soon

Justalb Corporation confirms that a new 2021 corridor is coming soon to All Promocode Items. We did an interview with Justalb and we asked him some questions about this new update and possibilities of anything new.

Why are you adding this new update?

Since 2022 will be coming next month, we will be adding a new 2021 corridor to the Expired Promocodes floor so new players that will join next year will know what promocodes were released in 2021.

When will you be adding this new update?

Hopefully we will be adding it before New Year's but until then there will be a barrier and caution tapes so people won't go past it. People will be able to see the promocodes after all of the ones released in 2021 expire, mostly meaning sometime in January next year.

Are there possibilities of any new updates soon?

Well, the Justalb Corporation team has thought of completely redesigning the game sometime in 2022. As of now it's an original idea but we won't reveal it to anyone so it will stay a secret for a while. What we will say is that there will be an unforgettable event for all Roblox players. Hopefully this new redesign will catch the eye of new players who are looking for new promocodes while also looking to have fun.

Thanks for talking with us, Justalb.

No problem. You're welcome!