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What is Justalb Corporation?

Justalb Corporation is a Roblox gamemaking company where it strives to make quality games.

Notable games

A notable game of Justalb Corporation, is All Promocode Items, a game which is visited by people all over the globe and is a great source for all of the newest promocodes but also a good place to hang out with new players or friends.

Another game by Justalb Corporation, is 'AFK Until Someone Donates 100K', a game which is created to fund money towards to the creation of All Promocode Items.

Coin Collecting Simulator, the latest game by Justalb Corporation, is a simulator game in which a player collects coins and lootboxes from an area. To progress more into the game the player needs to collect more coins and lootboxes, which gives them the ability to purchase more areas. The more coins and lootboxes the player gets, the more areas they can purchase, which helps them go further into the game.

Coin Collecting Simulator (Justalb News)
New map of All Promocode Items coming in 2022... 👀

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